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So we are only weeks away from Thanksgiving and we truly have so much to be thankful for this year here at Campo di Bella Winery and Organic Family Farm. As some of my fellow farmers have mentioned in past posts, late fall/winter is the time when we begin to evaluate, develop and plan for next year’s CSA season. However, I need to reflect all that got done on the farm this past season. We decided to build a winehouse and begin to make wine commercially. We have tended our grapevines for the past 6 years and knew this day would come but as luck would have it, we began building the winehouse structure in the middle of our CSA season. To say that we were busy is an understatement. Thankfully, there are two of us running the farm and we decided to divide and conquer our time and talents. Marc, my husband and co-owner, handled the organization of the construction of the winehouse and its many permits, licenses and inspections throughout the whole process so that we could make wine in September. I, on the other hand ,was in charge of everything else. It may seem like Marc got the better end of the deal but trust me when I say that my days went quite a bit smoother than his on average. He also found time to build the wine bar and tabletops by hand putting his new found hobby of woodworking to great use. We were also fortunate enough to have our boys help out whenever needed and several worker share members to keep the CSA fields growing and productive.

So here we are in November, looking to the future of what our farm is becoming. We have decided to make some changes to our diverse enterprises that will help us to hone in on what we like to do best and although our time in the fields might be shorter, we’ll still enjoy the diversity of all we offer on our small patch of heaven and build on what we and our fellow FRESH farmers believe about educating consumers on where their food comes from and creating wonderful dining experiences with the best local food they can find. Next year, we will embark on opening a wine bar & restaurant on the weekends as well as producing great vegetables and meats for our dinners and sell at local farmers markets too! Boy, how I love the constant change of the farm and what it offers to people. Here’s to being forever thankful for what the farm teaches us, produces for us and allows us to sustain it for future generations! I am so looking forward to 2015!!

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