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So we’re finally seeing longer days here on the farm. The winter has been a bit hard on everyone and everything and we are all looking forward to green pastures, vegetables baking in the sun and good meals with a fantastic glass of wine. Our new winery has been open for the last month and although most of my farm friends on this blog are still itching to get outside and start working hard, we’ve been at it for the last month with a new schedule. I must admit, as much as we farmers try to come up with new and exciting ways to broaden our farm potential and make a little bit more money, there is a comfort in the routineness of our days. This past month, our pigs have farrowed, our ewes have lambed and the trials of winter chores keep us mindful of what’s coming next. We currently have a baby lamb bottle feeding in diapers in the farmhouse with rolled up hoses to thaw from night to night so we can get water to the barn underneath a table of seed trays sprouting slowly under the heat lamps. We are working on hiring the remainder of our CSA worker share staff and finalizing the planting schedule as we prepare to thaw out and clean out the greenhouse which we will put to good use later this month if all goes well.

So yeah, we got some snow and freezing rain today. Our fields are still snow-covered but the clock springs forward this weekend and we look forward to longer days, warmer weather and lots of great plans we can finally start on. Happy Early Planting !!

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