As part of the Wellness Incentives Now (WIN) program, Dean Health plan will reimburse members up to $100 and families up to $300 each contract year for a variety of healthy endeavors, including a produce share from a CSA farm.

To receive a reimbursement:

  • Fill out a WIN Reimbursement Form
  • Attach your receipt (completed copy of your FRESH CSA sign-up form of your payment for the share)
  • Mail the form to: Dean Health Plan Attn: WIN P.O. Box 5609 Madison, WI 53705-9399

Dean Health Plan will verify payment through your farm and send the reimbursement directly to you.

For more information about our WIN program, visit:


With the Eat Healthy Rebate program from Physicians Plus Insurance Corp., members can apply their Good Health Bonus rebate to the cost of a produce share from FRESH Food Connection farms.

To receive your Eat Healthy Rebate:

1. Write P+ Eat Healthy Rebate, along with your date of birth, on your FRESH farm sign-up form. Please be sure your phone number is on the form, too.

2. Send your farm sign-up form and payment to the farm according to the instructions on the form.

3. Send a copy of your form and proof of payment to:

Physicians Plus Insurance Corporation
Good Health Bonus
P.O. Box 2078
Madison, WI 53701-2078

Due to the overwhelming response to our Eat Healthy Rebate program, please allow 8 -10 weeks for us to process your rebate.

  • The Eat Healthy Rebate program is part of the Good Health Bonus program. You can choose to apply your Good Health Bonus in the way that best fits your lifestyle: to approved classes, to Weight Watchers, the Eat Healthy Rebate, or the GO-TO Healthy Choices online personal health manager program. The total maximum annual reimbursement under the Good Health Bonus program is $100 per year for single contracts and $200 per year for family contracts
  • You must be a Physicians Plus member at the time your produce share is purchased.
  • To be eligible for the Eat Healthy Rebate, you must order a produce share (meat, eggs and dairy purchases are not eligible for reimbursement) from a FRESH Food Connection farm and make a minimum payment (excluding public or private assistance programs) equal to or greater than the Rebate amount for which you are eligible ($100 for single contracts, $200 for family contracts).