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If you have ever thought about joining a CSA this is the month that you should remember next spring when you have the opportunity to sign up. It is August and the dividends from your spring investment start to roll in with every delivery.

August is the month of produce! The summer vegetables that everyone looks forward to are now available. You no longer have to eat those plastic store bought tomatoes. You can enjoy juicy sweet tomatoes. They aren’t the salad bar pale red hard disks. Now you can have the joy of heirloom fruit in multi colors and sparkling flavors.

Tomatoes aren’t your favorite – how about beans. Fresh and crisp and part of every delivery for almost the entire month. Again they aren’t those canned mushy things of the winter months they are snapping fresh and in a multitude of colors.

These comparisons could continue on for pages as you think about the fresh items that a CSA will put in their box. If you are feeling a bit deprived at this point because you missed last springs sign up, then visit your local farmers market. Your local producers are more than willing to share the products of their labor and time.

You also have another option. Contact any of the members of FRESH through this website and express an interest in what they are doing and how you could work with them to find those fresh and nutritious fruits of August.

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